Sheffield Carols at Ryton. (This year (2019) should be back in Ye Olde Cross)

There is an area to the west of Sheffield where carols are sung in pubs rather than church or from door to door. In each village, for 2 or 3 hours the whole pub is taken over by people singing "village carols", which are a bit different from the ones sung in the main session outside on the green. This tradition, which used to be widespread in England, has existed since Victorian times. It has undergone a strong revival in recent years, and does not just happen at Christmas.

For the last few years, after the main carols Ryton Village Green with the brass band, we "retire" to Ye Olde Cross pub for a good festive sing, including several of the Sheffield carols, other traditional ones, as well as a few jokey ones. If you're interested, but haven't been before, listen to the samples on this page or just turn up on the night and join in.

You don't need to worry too much about words, as we do three different sets of "While Shepherds Watched" (Sheffield have 14, all excellent), and there are song sheets to share

For those who want to hear a sample of 'Sheffield Carols, you can download a windows media audio file of Awake Arise here

The words for the Sheffield Carols can be downloaded here as a pdf file

If you are interested in carol singing in Sheffield, a full diary of events in that area can be found at


Next Carols at the Cross will be on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 in 52 days time